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Brownskin Clothing Company specializes in casual, urban, chic clothing for men, women, children and even the babies.  These expressive T-shirts let you comfortably show your style and tell the world who you are and what you stand for. Developed by two sisters with the last name Brown, Brownskin Clothing Company is working to deliver a unique style suitable for everyone interested in showing some pride. 

The oldest "Browngirl", Laverne, came up with the concept for Brownskin Clothing Company back in 2003 after she was unable to find comfortable and stylish clothing that satisfied her taste while representing who she was- young, conscious and 100 percent  proud of being brown.  After presenting the idea to her siblings, Alvin and Neda, they went to work to develop a line of clothing that would not only look good but would send a positive message and represent for ALL people of color. Several brainstorming sessions later, Laverne the innovator, Alvin the motivator (and photographer) and Neda the designer went to make that concept a reality.  The result…a clothing line both unique and fashionably expressive.

The first series of T-shirts for men and women, The Love Tees, hit the market July 2006 and are now available at   In 2008, the line expanded to include wear for kids and babies.  At the end of 2010, the sister partnered with Ann Marie Bahamian Creations to develop a line of prettybrowngirl inspired handbags.  The siblings are now working to further expand their company, which will include apparel for expecting mothers and a full line of accessories.     

Light brown to dark blue, mellow yellow to orange with a little spice, Brownskin isn’t just about being brown, it’s about being proud.  Love your brownskin yall.

-Brown and out!